Automating Data Ingestion using Databricks Ingest - Virtual Event


04 Aug 2020


10:00 am
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Automating Data Ingestion using Databricks Ingest – Virtual Event

10am: Intro – Rodney Joyce
10:05am: Automated data ingestion into Databricks – Joel Roland, SA Manager, Databricks Australia & NZ
10:25am: Automated ingestion from a SQL database with Fivetran – Dom Colyer, Sr Sales Engineer, Fivetran APJ
10:45am: Q&A – Win an UberEats voucher for best question!

This virtual session is all about automating ingestion of data into Databricks with minimal effort. We’ll look at a native way of doing this and then an alternative option using Fivetran to handle the schema changes.

What is Fivetran?
Fivetran automated data integration delivers ready-to use connectors, transformations and analytics templates that adapt as schemas and APIs change, ensuring reliable data access.


Data-Driven AI provides tailored end-to-end consulting services and solutions to help businesses transform their data into actionable insights and drive their business decisions.

Databricks is a Unified Data Analytics Platform for massive-scale data engineering and collaborative data science.
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The event is finished.

Rodney Joyce


Rodney Joyce
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