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We specialise in advanced analytics consulting and delivering innovative data and AI solutions to help organisations build a data-driven culture and empower their business decisions with insights.

How We Can Help You?

End-to-end data and AI consulting services to empower businesses to gain insights from their data.

Data Strategy

Empower your business to adapt to ever-changing market conditions with strategic guidance.​

Modern Data Platforms​

A modularised, extensible platform capable of delivering advanced analytics on any type of data while you focus on your business.

Intelligent Process Automation​

We use machine learning and RPA to automate repetitive and manual tasks to reduce overheads and streamline processes.​

Cost Optimisation​

We provide insights, preventative measures, cost governance and recommendations to reduce your operational cloud spend.​

Power BI Reporting​

Extract insights and understand your business better with interactive dashboards and operational reporting.​

Data Science

ML enablement: explore your data to create additional revenue streams with the power of Data Science.

We are all about delivering value for your business!

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Powered by native Azure technology

Our core solutions use best-of-breed technology to give you huge scale, security and availability so you don’t have to worry about your data.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Data-Driven did a comprehensive audit of our Azure infrastructure and DevOps processes. They identified and improved several areas, saving our company thousands of dollars each month in subscription costs.”

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