Data Strategy and Governance Assessment

We help you understand your current data state and create an actionable implemenation plan

Leverage Data-Driven Azure experts and our tested methodology to help with your Digital Transformation and Cloud Adoption

About Data Strategy and Governance Assessment

Data-Driven will deliver an Azure data and analytics assessment, along with a future data state roadmap to modernize your digital processes. This will help you leverage your data assets to improve business value and performance.

How does our Data Strategy and Governance Assessment work?

Current Data & Governance State Assessment

Analyse Business Goals & Design Target Data State

Data Strategy and Governance Roadmap

The Benefits for your Business

Our proven methodologies are designed to audit your goals, review your current environment, and come back with tactical approach to achive them.

Data and AI Solutions

Harness your Own Data

Encourage a data-driven culture alighn with business goals and priorities​

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Internal Bussiness Case

Build a compelling business case to justify further investment on your cloud adoption

Data-Driven AI - Digital Transformation

Accelerate your Digital Journey​

Accelerate your digital transformation journey, reduce time to market and minimise risk

Delivery Approach

1. Pre-Assessment

– Provide list and read access to your data sources

– Examples of the reports and list of visualization tools used

– High-level organization’s data chart and data interactions within teams.

2. During the Assessment

We will work with your team to understand the processes, the current use of the data, current challenges and how to provide business value.

3. Assessment Oucome

We will provide a detailed report with a strategic roadmap for your data, an analytics strategy and recommendation on how to improve current processes, if possible finsing automation opportunities and improving the quality of the data. 

 $8,250 plus GST

  • Offer is valid for PaaS Azure resources only
  • Offer is valid for a single Azure subsciption and all Resource Groups within
  • We do not make any changes to your environment nor implement any of our recommendations, unless requested
  • Note: Price is in AUD and based on a typical environment. The actual cost and effort required may vary depending on complexity of the environment and the client needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we can also work with your company to assess your data assets wherever they are (on-prem, cloud, etc) and create a strategic roadmap for your future desired state. If one of your goals is to mve to the cloud we can provide a detailed implementation plan depending on cost, complexity and business value.

We focus on mainly 5 things:

  • Current Data Assests
  • Current Processes
  • Technology used
  • People
  • Future Desired Estate

The first 4 componenet components give us a clear idea of your current estate, an understanding of where you are in your data journey and how does your company work internally. 

We then align what we have learn to where you want to be, and list our recomedations in terms of priority, complexity and effort. This will give you a good idea of the quick wins for your organisation, as well as, a short, medium and long term roadmap. 

The duration of this enagement depends on  he complexity of your environment, size of your company and number of precesses/teams to evaluate. It can take between 1 week to 8 weeks depending on the size of the company. 

We run several workshops with key memebers of each team. The eam members are selected by the company and we schedule the workshops at the start of the engament.  The aim of the workshops if to obtain relevant information on each teams data, processed and technologies used. 



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