Azure Data Analytics Foundation

Modern data platform that consolidates your data – ready for advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions. Your data lake comes with governance and cost management built-in and is ready to extend.

About Azure Data Analytics Foundation

Data-Driven offers a 4-week engagement that delivers a modern data platform. Deployed on Azure, this platform enables Advanced Analytics, ML and Big Data transformations.

We focus on your organisation’s Data Strategy by substantiating key business drivers, from which we identify and prioritise high-value use cases.

We provide an extensible framework and our Data Analytics Foundation provides your business with a blueprint for an extensible Data Platform on the Azure cloud. 

We implement an end-to-end data pipeline that includes the data ingestion, transformation, and serving layer, accelerating your time to value and reducing risk.

Delivery Approach

1. Choose the Outcome

We focus on your business Data Strategy by substantiating key business drivers, from which we engage with you to identify and prioritise a high-value use case.

2. Modern Data Platform

Data-Driven will deploy our tried and tested Modern Data Platform Foundation using secure, highly scalable Azure services. We will implement a key business use case, offering visible business value after 4-8 weeks.

3. Get Insights

We surface the insights in a Power BI report for you to extend as needed, plus an extensible data framework to achieve your business strategic goals.

Why choose our Data Analytics Foundation?

Our objective is to enable best practices to ensure a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure to support your business needs.

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Accelerate Time to Value

Our tried and tested Data Foundation can be automatically deployed and then modified to your needs, reducing the development time and visualising real business value quicker.

Understand your expenses & gain control

Reduce Risk

Our tested framework follows best practices and security guidelines. Plus reduces the project risk failure as you can implement and measure quicker and with less initial investment. 

What is an Anomaly

Low-Cost Modern Data Platform

Your platform comes with CloudMonitor, a cost optimisation and governance tool to help you manage your Data Platform after implementation.

Our Delivery Focus on Outcomes

We will conduct discovery workshops with stakeholders to identify a suitable use-case to add real-business value by the end of the 4 week engagement. 

Data Strategy & Selection of Frist Use Case

Modern Data Platform PoC Implementation

Measurable Outcome & Extensive Data Platform

Business Benefits of your Modern Data Platform​

Consolidate and ingest any type and size of disparate data sources and deliver business value. 

Modern Data Platform for Analytics

Remove Data Silos

Consolidate your data across the organisation and extract new insights from a single source of truth.

Lower your cloud cost

Lower Operating Costs

Only pay for what you use with PaaS elastic scale, on-demand compute and infinite storage.​

Self-Service Analytics & Reporting​

Self-Service Analytics & Reporting​

Enabling the ability to make critical business decisions based on accurate, timely insights, reducing time-to-value.​

Data-Driven - Data and AI Analytics

Data Management & Governance

Your platform is built on best practices and comes with enterprise security, cost controls, scalability and data management tools.​

Modern Data Platform High-Level Data Flow

Extensible framework built on native Azure products with your desired future state in mind.

Leverage your Data on a Modern Data Platform

Our Agile Delivery focus on Outcomes

We will conduct discovery workshops with stakeholders to identify a suitable use-case to add real-business value by the end of the 4 week engagement. 
Data Foundation 4 wk • Data and AI Analytics

Built on Azure using
the Five Pillars of Architecture Excellence

Our Data Foundation is built on The Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework to provide a solid, secure foundation for advanced analytics.

Operational Excellence

Run, manage and monitor production workload to deliver business value and continuous improve on supporting process and events

Security & Governance

Protecting Information, systems, and assets along from outsie world with risk assessment, unplanned failures, and mitigation strategies


Auto recover workload from infrastructure, power or system failures with dynamic resource management to meet operational threshold

Performance Efficiency

Use computing resources efficiency to support on demand changes for delivering workload with maximum performance to meet the SLA

Cost Optimisation

Avoiding & eliminatie un-needed cost or replace resources with cost-effective resources without impacting the best practices and business need

Liberate Your Data with a Modern Data Platform.
Turn your Data into Actionable Insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Data Foundation comes with a Power BI single report to visualise the data ingested and give you a framework to extend for other business reports and promote self-service analytics using your data.

We include 2 ingestion sources but more can be added

If you have data engineering or Azure skills in-house you should be able to manage and maintain your Data Platform in-house, we can add training if needed. However, if you don’t have these skills in-house we offer a managed support service to help to monitor, maintain and extend your Data Platform. 

You can read more on our Managed Support Service Offering. 

You can ingest any type and size of data. We can also ingest it from different places such as On-Prem Databases, other clouds, SaaS Products, CRMs, APIs, SharePoint, etc. 

Our implementation will cater for the data source location, type, size, frequency and business use.


Depending on your data strategy and business objective the Data Foundation will include a Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Lakehouse, SQL Database, etc. These are technical terms for the implementation and the Data Platform Architecture. 

We will present to you an Architecture Diagram with all components to match your goals and requirements. This architecture diagram needs to be approved by you before we start the implementation. 

Yes, our Data Foundation includes Data Migrations from any location: On-Prem, SaaS Products or other clouds.

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