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We deliver innovative data & AI solutions to help customers build a data-driven culture and empower their business decisions with insights.

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Who We Are

Data-Driven is a data and AI consulting company that provides tailored end-to-end consulting services and solutions to help businesses transform their data into actionable insights and drive their business decisions.

We specialise in building Cost-Efficient Modern Data Platforms and the implementation of advanced analytics, everything from data integration and consolidation, AI enablement, to visualisation and reporting to surface the insights.

Data-Driven - Data and AI Analytics

How Can We Help You

We can help you at any stage of your digital transformation journey, from selecting a PoC, creating a strategy to consolidate your data, migrate the data to the cloud, to understanding how to surface the data insights to help with your business decision and find a competitive advantage.

Data Strategy and Governance

Empower your business to adapt to ever-changing market conditions with strategic guidance

Azure Foundation

Hands-on Azure Infrastructure review, recommendations and implementation to accelerate your cloud adoption following CAF

Data Analytics Foundation

A modularized, extensible platform capable of delivering advanced analytics on any type of data while you focus on your business

Managed Support Service

Customisable managed support to ensure the smooth running of the applications for your users

Cloud Cost Optimisation

We provide insights and implement preventive measures, cost governance and recommendations to reduce your cloud spend


Azure Cloud Cost Optimisation and Governance tool to help you keep your cloud consumptions cost under control and improve cloud governance and security

Common Customer Requests

How to choose a good use-case for the first IoT or AI PoC
Understand when to use pre-packaged AI services vs custom ML
Automatomate repetitive manual tasks to minimise human errors and free-up the teams' time

Become data-driven. Gain a competitive advantage.
Liberate your most valuable asset - your data!

Tell Us About Your Project.

Where are you on your Data Journey?

Data-Driven AI provides tailored end-to-end consulting services and solutions to help businesses transform their data into actionable insights and drive their business decisions. Discover how we can help you every step of the way:

Digital Transformation

Commun Challenges:

  • Multiple Data Silos
  • Difficult and manual process to extract the data 
  • Use of excel to make sense of the data


  • Data Discovery Workshop to undertand your current data state and map your digital future
  • Data Foundation to consolidate your data sources
  • Identify quick wins by automating manual task

Mining you Data

Commun Challenges:

  • Data is diffcult to mine
  • High Azure costs & there are no governance processes in place
  • You are not getting insights from your data


  • Jumpstart a PoC and take into production
  • Data Visualisation with Power Bi and Power Apps
  • Azure Cost Optimisation Assessment and Implementation

Predictive Analytics

Commun Challenges:

  • I have different data sources,
  • Difficult and manual process to extract the data from various sources
  • We use excel to make sense of the data


  • Use machine learning and RPA to automate repetitive and manual tasks to reduce overheads and streamline processes
  • Identify and optimise your IoT data gathering and visualisation

What We Do

Over shoulder view of project manager of IT company drawing on board while analyzing data and AI strategy

Data Strategy

We help you assess your current data estate and analytical requirements to allow us to define a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals on time and on budget.

Advanced Analytics

Move from traditional BI to Predictive Analytics to unlock additional insights and find the value in your data.

Machine learning analytics identify technology , Artificial intelligence Software ui analytics recognition cars vehicles and person.
Data-Driven AI - Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Accelerate your business transformation with our proven methodologies, process automation and modern data platforms.

Leverage Data-Driven Azure's expertise to help you:


Data-Driven recognized with

Advanced Specialization: Analytics on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Advanced Specialization validates Data-Driven expertise, deep knowledge and experience in delivering end-to-end data and analytics projects following Microsoft’s best practices and standards. Data-Driven is 1 of only 2 companies in Australia to achieve this and 1 of 35 in the WORLD.

The Advance Specialization in Analytics on Microsoft Azure will help us to continue empowering our customers with tools and solutions to accelerate their cloud adoption and fast-track analytics projects delivering real business value.

Unify your data. Get predictive insights.
Make data-driven decisions.

Why Data-Driven?

Our proven methodologies accelerate the implementation and adoption of Advanced Analytics in your organisation.

At Data-Driven AI we focus on outcome delivery

Outcomes Focus

We believe all projects should focus on delivering real business value. Start with the business problem and work backwards with technology to solve it.

Data consulting focus on delivering a personal experience

Personal Experience

We are not a body-shop nor do we oversell. We’ll provide a personal, hands-on approach to deliver your solution working with your business team.

Data and AI Consulting Expertise

Technical Expertise

Our consultants are amongst the best in the market, quite simply. We find technical gurus who can communicate with stakeholders efficiently.

Powered by native Azure technology

Our core solutions use best-of-breed technology to give you huge scale, security and availability so you can focus on your business.

Become data-driven. Gain a competitive advantage.
Make smarter decisions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Data-Driven did a comprehensive audit of our Azure infrastructure and DevOps processes. They identified and improved several areas, saving our company thousands of dollars each month in subscription costs.”

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