Azure Foundation CAF Assessment

Hands-on review and recommendations to improve your Azure infrastructure configuration to match your business needs and improve performance

About Azure Foundation CAF Assessment

Data-Driven’s Azure Foundation CAF Assessment focuses on Azure service infrastructure and configuration review using the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and aligned with the Landing Zone deployment for Azure. Then provides recommendations to improve your infrastructure setup and accelerate your companies’ cloud adoption and the use of best practices.

Our Azure Foundation CAF Assessment Includes:

Business Workshops

We focus on understanding your key business drivers, requirements, and your
current Azure infrastructure.

Hands-on Azure Infrastructure Audit

Data-Driven will perform a hands-on review of your current Azure Infrastructure, following best practices and configuration principles for your business requirements.

Recommendations with Priority and Complexity

We will provide detailed documentation of the current state and recommendations to ensure better performance, security and scalability.

Our Delivery Approach


Workshop with relevant stakeholders to understand the current application deployment in Azure and the existing Azure infrastructure


Audit & Review

Assess the following key cloud configuration principles: 

  • Performance efficiency 
  • Operational excellence 
  • Security
  • Reliability 
  • Cost optimization review
Audit & Review


Detailed documentation of the current Azure Infrastructure configurations and recommendation with the level of business priority and complexity.


Final Presentation

Presentation of the current findings, recommendations on next steps priority levels and complexity.


Final Presentation

Built on Azure using
the Five Pillars of Architecture Excellence

Our Data Foundation is built on The Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework to provide a solid, secure foundation for advanced analytics.

Operational Excellence

Run, manage and monitor production workload to deliver business value and continuous improve on supporting process and events

Security & Governance

Protecting Information, systems, and assets along from outsie world with risk assessment, unplanned failures, and mitigation strategies


Auto recover workload from infrastructure, power or system failures with dynamic resource management to meet operational threshold

Performance Efficiency

Use computing resources efficiency to support on demand changes for delivering workload with maximum performance to meet the SLA

Cost Optimisation

Avoiding & eliminatie un-needed cost or replace resources with cost-effective resources without impacting the best practices and business need

What Our Clients are Saying

“The Data-Driven assessment helped us understand our Azure environment, so we could manage our service provider better and make a realistic plan on how we can improve the performance of our application.”
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Frequent Asked Questions

No, we can also work with your company to assess your data assets wherever they are (on-prem, cloud, etc) and create a strategic roadmap for your future desired state.

For example, if one of your goals is to move to the cloud, we can provide a detailed implementation plan depending on cost, complexity and business value.

We focus on mainly 5 components:

  • Current Data Assests
  • Current Processes
  • Technology used
  • People
  • Future Desired Estate

The first 4 componenet components give us a clear idea of your current state, where you are in your data journey and how does your company work internally. 

We then align what we have learned to your desired data state and list our recommendations in terms of priority, complexity and effort.

The assessment will give you a good idea of the quick wins for your organisation, as well as, a short, medium and long term roadmap to achieve your business goals.  

The duration of this engagement depends on the complexity of your environment, the size of your company and the number of processes/teams to evaluate.

It can take between 1 week to 8 weeks depending on the size of the company. 

We run several workshops with key members of each team. The team members are selected by the company and we schedule the workshops at the start of the engagement. 

The aim of the workshops is to obtain relevant information on each teams data needs, processes and technologies used. 

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