Databricks Partner Consulting

Databricks has partnered with Data-Driven to help organisations solve
complex problems with smart solutions.

Databricks Unified Data Platform

We do Databricks

Databricks provides the elegant solution to all data challenges by providing a platform that unifies data engineering, data science, and business.

Data-Driven founded and host the Sydney Databricks Meetup

The Databricks Unified Analytics Platform empowers teams to be truly data-driven to accelerate innovation and deliver transformative business outcomes.

Combine this with the domain experience and skill of the Data-Driven consultants and you have a winning formula for your next data challenge.

We have delivered multiple successful enterprise Databricks projects in the Government, Education, Transport and Finance domain and many more.

Unified Data Analytics Platform

We host the Sydney

Consulting & System Integrator Partner

"Databricks works with consulting and system integrator partners who provide expertise, technology skills and solutions that better enable customer success."

The Benefits for your Business

High quality data with great performance

Consolidate Your Data​

Ingest data of any size and type, ready for analytics and exploration

Low Operating Costs

Only pay for what you use with elastic scale, transparent pricing and infinite storage

Platform for Analytics

Your platform is ready for data science, advanced analytics and different business use-cases

Broader Business Insights

Your data lake comes enterprise security, cost controls, scalability and data catalogs

We are the Delta Lake experts

We can help you run analytical workloads over huge volumes of data to extract useful business insights
Delta Lake Performance
“Without Databricks + Delta Lake we would not have been able to extract insights at the scale, speed and cost required by our customers. Databricks also provides a seamless experience for Data Engineers, the Business users and Data Scientists while removing technical barriers. This partnership will allow us to focus on business outcomes and less on technical challenges.”
Rodney Joyce
Practice Director @ Data-Driven

Better Together

Databricks and Data-Driven Partnership

Data Science Workspace

Collaborative Notebooks

Quickly access and explore data, find and share new insights, and build models collaboratively, with languages and tools of choice.

Optimized ML Environments

One click access to preconfigured ML environments for augmented machine learning with state of the art and popular ML frameworks.

Complete ML Lifecycle

Track and share experiments, reproduce runs, and manage models collaboratively from a central repository, from experimentation to production

A Modern Data Platform ready for Analytics

High level architecture of the Data Foundation Solution backed by Spark

Data Foundation Architecture

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