Complete Credit Solutions achieves tangible benefits by implementing cloud-based data foundation

Deployment of an innovative cloud analytics platform to improve data compliance and business reporting

Complete Credit Solutions

Complete Credit Solutions is an Australian-owned and operated business, specialising in the acquisition and servicing of consumer and commercial debts.

Complete Credit Solutions felt its data infrastructure needed a serious upgrade. By deploying an innovative cloud analytics platform, the Australian-owned and operated enterprise removed roadblocks and minimised risks around data compliance and business reporting.

CCS partnered with Data-Driven, a Microsoft Gold Partner, to design and implement a Microsoft Azure cloud solution, which instantly proved to be far superior to the traditional, on-premises hardware storage the firm had been relying on.

Improving Compliance in the Cloud

Complete Credit Solution was unable to scale and expand its analytics reporting, and this was just the beginning.

Its on-premises production system had further performance constraints, and it was struggling to implement industry-required data policies. The organisation’s data modelling in Microsoft Power BI was also complex, which hindered self-service analytics. And its distributed data sources prevented a centralised approach to data governance.

Mustafa Mohabbat, Head of Information Technology at CCS, was determined to find a solution to these problems.

“Being part of the financial services industry, CCS is a highly regulated entity, with strict and severe consequences in place for breaches or unethical behaviour”, he says.

Without a sufficient service in place, CCS may have been unable to successfully manage its information security, or operational risks. CCS was also missing advanced data analytics which could provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and trends. These insights could provide an opportunity to drive future business growth.

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❝ The expectations from our clients, consumers and the public are to provide a fair, flexible and empathetic approach, and to take the role of caretaker of sensitive consumer data seriously. Continuous improvements like the new data platform reduces compliance and operational risk whilst providing assurance to our clients and gives them more confidence with entrusting us with their business. ❞

Mustafa M. CCS • Data and AI Analytics
Mustafa Mohabbat
Head of Information Technology, CCS

The Solution

CCS contracted Data-Driven to deploy the unified analytics platform.

Data-Driven is one of two Australian companies that have achieved Microsoft’s Advanced Specialisation in Analytics.

Data-Driven is implementing CCS’s deployment of Azure in three phases. They implemented the initial phase in August 2021, with the new system being available for production in November.

The business is already reaping the rewards of Azure’s capabilities, with a significant customer base spread over three office locations experiencing tangible benefits.

Furthermore, a phase-three project is planned to implement a slowly changing dimension workload on identified data sources to increase analytical insights and customer trends across multiple data sources.

CCS now has a Microsoft-first approach and is investing to expand its use of Azure services, including additional offerings such as Microsoft Office 365. Further projects surrounding cybersecurity and compliance are also in the pipeline.

Phased Implementation Approach

Data Platform Foundation

  • Modern Data Platform Foundation
  • Delivery of the First Use-Case end-to-end
  • Migration of the customer Database from on-prem to the cloud
  • API connection to the customer CRM
  • Migration of the R jobs to Databricks
  • Modelling of the data and connection to the existing Power BI Reports
Data Platform Foundation

Data Governance Implementation

  • Purview Implementation
  • Data Catalogue and Data Lineage 
  • Implementation of Data Governance Policies 
  • Identification and masking of Personable Identifiable Information  
  • Data Retention Policies
Data Governance Implementation

Data Foundation Extension

  • Addition of a New Data Source
  • API ingestion of the Call Center Data SaaS Product
  • Ability to ingest transcripts call data for further analysis and reporting
  • Keyword search on transcript data to flag relevant conversations
Data Foundation Extension

Key Outcomes for the Business

Increased Reporting Performance

On deploying Data-Driven’s Data Foundation in Azure, the company found it could significantly reduce business reporting turnaround times, with new reports being finished in days rather than weeks.

Unified Data Sources for Analytics

The solution has given CCS’s existing data science team more bandwidth for wider tasks. This includes integrating disparate business data sources into a central data lake to support more accurate decision-making.

Enforce Data Compliance Policies

With Azure Purview, CCS was able to create a holistic, up-to-date map of their data landscape with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification and end-to-end data lineage to assist in achieving it’s IT strategic objectives.

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