Australian Government - Digital Marketplace Panel

Data-Driven is an SME, Microsoft Gold Partner with multiple government projects under our belt in Education, Energy, Transport and Health. We specialise in building modern data platforms and advanced analytics consulting. 

We have delivered many innovative data and AI solutions to help organisations build a data-driven culture, automate manual processes, consolidate their data sources and empower their business decisions with insights. 

Data-Driven is prequalified under the Australian Government Digital Marketplace Panel.

We are registered in the following category:

Australian government black logo • Data and AI Analytics


  • Solve complex, non-routine analysis problems with large, complex data sets.
  • Apply statistical methods such as parametic and nonparametic significance testing.
  • Use statistical software (for example, R, Julia, MATLAB, pandas or similar) and database languages (for example, SQL).
  • Provide insight or recommendations (for example, cost-benefit, forecasting, experiment analysis) through visual displays of quantitative information.
  • Perform activities to make an enterprise data asses discoverable, accessible and usable stakeholders, while encompassing a good governance framework.

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