Lakehouse Community Night


01 Jun 2023


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Lakehouse Community Night

Hello Dolly 2.0!

Curious about Databricks’ rapid pace of innovation, what’s fuelling the growth of lakehouse, and getting an audience with the people behind the tech?

Join fellow data professionals at the upcoming Lakehouse Community Night for a firehose update delivered by Arsalan Tavakoli, Databricks Co-founder & SVP of Field Engineering, and Hatim Shafique, Databricks Chief Operating Officer – who will talk about all things data, analytics and AI — and how these are unified on the lakehouse. 


4:00 PM

  • Registration and networking drinks

4:30 PM

  • Audience with Arsalan Tavakoli & Hatim Shafique

5:15 PM

  • Beyond the Hype of Generative AI, Steve Naude, VP of Data + AI, LawVu

5:30 PM

  • Q&A

6:00 PM

  • Close

Session Overview

Enjoy the tech, good company and networking drinks while learning about where Databricks is investing and focusing on from a technology platform perspective when it comes to:

Economics: Serverless SQL, Model Serving and Delta Live Tables for TCO

Governance: Unity Catalog, Marketplace and Data Sharing

Simplicity: Usability and Interoperability

Generative AI: The world’s first open source, instruction-following LLM, fine-tuned on a human-generated instruction dataset


Arsalan Tavakoli

Co-founder & SVP Field Engineering, Databricks

Hatim Shafique

Chief Operating Officer, Databricks

Loren Sinclair

Commercial Director, Databricks AU & NZ

Steve Naude

VP of Data and AI, LawVu

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