Implementing an Effective Cloud Cost-Saving Strategy

Are you happy with the amount you spend on your cloud bill? Watch the recorded webinar to learn how to take control of your costs and avoid a bill-shock at the end of the month.

Learn more about cost-saving and cost governance tips in the cloud.

Rodney Joyce focused on the problems and challenges companies face while trying to reduce their consumption costs and how importnat is to establish a good cloud cost governance in their organisations. 

As well, as best practices and the steps to follow to set up a healthy cloud cost governance in place:

  1. Understand your Costs
  2. Assess for Improvements
  3. Optimize your Usage/Costs
  4. Set up good Governance
  5. Educate all levels of the organisation

These tips apply to all clouds, not just Azure, therefore, we hope it can help you save money on your cloud bill, implement a cloud cost-saving strategy and bring governance to the chaos!

If you are interested in relevant articles that can help you learn more, read the following article from Gartner.

Data-Driven also offers Azure Cost Optimisation Assessments to help you get started. 

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