Enterprise Governance on Data Lake with Unity Catalog & Databricks Implementation with R Jobs Migration Use Case

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A big thank you to Vinny Vijeyakumaar from Databricks and Deon Jacobs from Data-Driven for a great presentation at the first in person Sydney Databricks meetup last July 14, 2022.

What was covered:

  • Enterprise Governance on Data Lake with Unity Catalog – Learn how Unity Catalog brings enhanced security to your data lake + warehouse and introduces nifty productivity tools such as lineage tracking.
  • Databricks Implementation with R Jobs Migration – Presentation of a real customer Databricks implementation with the migration of existing R Jobs used by the Data Science team.

Meetup Host

Vinny Vijeyakumaar • Data and AI Analytics

Vinny Vijeyakumaar

Senior Solutions Architect at Databricks

Vinny consults with businesses big & small on maximising value from their data.

Vinny has been in the data space for 15+ years. His data experience has taken him from scaling MySQL databases for startups, driving Google Analytics adoption in Southeast Asia, running analytics consultancies, being a smart analytics specialist at Google Cloud, and now building out Lakehouses with Databricks. Come say hi, as Vinny is always up for a chat on how to make data & ML as effortless as possible!

Deon Jacobs

Deon Jacobs

Head of Data and Analytics at Data-Driven

Deon has a proven track record of translating business concepts into production deployments across a broad range of vertical markets.

With his strong engineering background, Deon uses a first principles approach to confront business problems in a logical and ordered manner. Deon is a highly motivated and personable individual, who enjoys seeing businesses realize their digital transformation objectives.

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