Data-Driven achieves Microsoft Gold in Cloud Platform Competency

We are happy to announce that Data-Driven has just achieved Microsoft Gold Status in the Cloud Platform Competency. We can thank our awesome team of Azure Data Engineers and amazing customers that have put their trust in us.

The Azure Cloud Platform Competency indicates Data-Driven should continue doing what has been doing all along, help our clients get all the benefits of scale, speed, and agility of the cloud to rapidly build and deploy applications and support real-time analytics across all forms of data.

“Obtaining Microsoft competencies is for Data-Driven a testimony of our strong commitment to building innovative enterprise data solutions aligned to the Microsoft platform. We are very proud of receiving our 3rd Microsoft Gold Competency and I’m sure it won’t be the last.” said Rodney Joyce, Managing Director of Data-Driven.

To earn a Microsoft Gold competency, Data-Driven successfully completed multiple exams, resulting in several team members becoming Microsoft Certified Professionals, as well as customer references, and technology and sales assessments.

Data-Driven AI is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner providing Data and AI Consulting services. We specialise in building modern data platforms and the full implementation of advanced analytics projects using Azure cloud. We embrace the use of Microsoft technologies to help our clients achieve their data strategy goals.

One clear example is the use of the Go Fast framework on our Data Foundation Solution. This helps clients consolidate all their data sources in one single modern data platform (Data Lake) ready for Advance Analytics, PowerBI reporting, ML use-cases, sharing data with 3rd parties, or simply access their historical data in an easier and cheaper manner.

The Go Fast framework accelerates the implementation of Azure while reducing both costs and risks by leveraging a pre-built architecture with built-in best practices architecture, governance, monitoring, DevOps, and enterprise-level security and networking.

Data-Driven is also a firm believer that the use of the cloud can adapt to your company and needs, every organisation has different requirements however is facing similar challenges about how to use and manage their data. Data-Driven can help your company face those challenges and develop the perfect data solution so you can really start getting insights from all your data.

A recurring theme we see with our customers is that their Azure cloud spend is too high. To solve this problem, Data-Driven has developed an Azure Cost Optimisation platform called CostBot, where we have saved customers thousands of dollars per month by automating their cost management/governance process. They can now be confident that they are utilising the cloud as efficiently as possible.

If you want to do more with your data, migrate to Azure and/or lower your azure cost, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sofia Oropeza

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