Data Foundation

A Modern Data Platform in 4 weeks

We turn your data into actionable insights. Access all your data in one place to unlock real business value!

Data Foundation Overview

Data-Driven will engage with your team over a 4 week period to deliver a Modern Data Platform on Azure ready for advanced analytics, ML and Big Data transformations.

We will do an end-to-end pipeline from ingestion and transformation to insights which greatly accelerates your time-to-market for your next BI or advanced analytics use-case of your choice.

A Modern Data Platform allows you to access all your data in one place to unlock real business value and enables:

Liberate Your Data with a Modern Data Platform.
Turn your Data into Actionable Insights.

The Benefits for your Business

Our proven methodologies accelerate the implementation and adoption of Advanced Analytics in your organisation to make data-driven decisions. 

Consolidate Your Data​

Ingest data of any size and type, ready for analytics and exploration

Low Operating Costs

Only pay for what you use with elastic scale, transparent pricing and infinite storage

Platform for Analytics

Your platform is ready for data science, advanced analytics and different business use-cases

Security & Governance

Your data lake comes enterprise security, cost controls, scalability and data catalogs

A Modern Data Platform ready for Analytics

High level architecture of the Data Foundation Solution.

Data Foundation Architecture

Our Approach

1. Choose the Outcome

We work with your business to find a problem that we can solve with data as the first use-case

2. We Build the Platform

We build a modern Data Lake using secure, highly-scalable technology on the Azure cloud

3. Get Insights

We surface the insights in a Power BI report for you to extend as needed

Our Agile Delivery focus on Outcomes

We will conduct discovery workshops with stakeholders to identify a suitable use-case to add real-business value by the end of the 4 week engagement. 
Data Foundation Timeline

Frequent Asked Questions

Our core solutions use best-of-breed technology to give you huge scale, security and availability so you can focus on your business.

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