Data-Driven’s Data Analytics Foundation Platform recently achieved accreditation

Azure Data Analytics Foundation

Data-Driven’s Data Analytics Foundation Platform recently achieved Microsoft’s Azure Advanced Analytics Specialization accreditation. 

Microsoft’s Azure Advanced Analytics Specialization confirms Data-Driven’s vision and commitment in providing the cloud market a mature and best-of-breed analytics platform. We have done the hard work ensuring our analytics platform is secure, scalable, and reduces business time to market in orders of magnitude.

Our Data Foundation Solution consists of the end-to-end delivery of a Modern Data Analytics Platform for one selected use-case. This includes from the ingestion, modeling, and transformation of 1 or 2 data sources to the visualization of insights which greatly accelerates your time-to-market for your next BI or advanced analytics use-case of your choice.

What was the driver for Data-Driven to develop the Data Analytics Foundation Platform?

With our Data Foundation solution, Data-Driven is trying to address many challenges often seen across clients, such as disparate data sources, lack of self-service analytics or standardized reporting, business relaying of excel files, lack of data quality, and lack of data governance across the organization to mention a few.

Data-Driven established a Modern Data Platform following Microsoft best practices and a plug-and-play architecture to be able to adapt to each customer’s use-case. Our Azure Analytics Data Platform proven methodologies accelerate the implementation and adoption of Advanced Analytics to help our clients make better use of their data and enable the ability to make data-driven decisions.

Is the Data Analytics Foundation Platform backed up by Microsoft?

Yes, the Data Foundation has been accredited with Microsoft’s Azure Advanced Analytics Specialization and approved as a Co-sell solution on the Microsoft Marketplace. Our Data Analytics Foundation is built on The Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework to provide a solid, secure foundation for advanced analytics. Our Data Platform is built with native Azure technologies, and it comes with enterprise security, cost controls, scalability, and data catalogs.

“Our latest customer success story showcase how the Data Analytics Foundation Solution was the perfect starting point for Transport for NSW, as it leveraged the power and scalability of Azure whilst providing a self-service platform for consolidating all the real-time data from every moving TfNSW vehicle in the state, allowing internal users to perform advance analytics and ML to improve customer services.” Deon Jacobs, Head of Data and Analytics at Data-Driven says.

What type of use cases can be deployed on the platform?

A broad range of Data Analytics use cases are supported and have been implemented on the Data Analytics Foundation Platform. With cloud scale undergirding the platform, use cases range from simple digital capture automation solutions to large-scale Big Data and AI workloads.

During our engagements, we include focused workshops to ensure fit-for-purpose architecture and the delivery of the technical and business requirements.

The platform includes a blueprint for everything from data migrations, integrations, transformations, and ML, to visualization, self-service analytics, and reporting to surface insights.

What benefits would a client acquire from the Data Analytics Foundation Platform?

The Data Analytics Foundation’s main benefit is the speed at which the clients see the real business value and validate proof of concepts with their actual data whilst removing the technical blockages to insights.

It provides an extensible framework built on native Azure products such as Azure Databricks and Azure Synapse with enterprise security, cost controls, scalability, data catalogs, and governance with a blueprint for analytical use-cases.

Our Data Foundation aims to accelerate our clients’ cloud adoption with enterprise-level security and governance.

Data Analytics Foundation Platform

Can you provide an example of a Data Analytics Foundation Platform deployment?

Data-Driven implemented the Data Foundation for a debt collector customer. Their initial analytical reporting was directly dependent on their production collection system. This implementation caused a single point of failure and limited their ability to expand required analytical use cases.  

The Data Foundation Platform removed the load from the production system enabling their Data Science team to more reliable reporting and the ability to easily expand new analytical use cases at scale. In addition, new data sources systems were integrated into the data platform expanding further analytical use cases from a single source of truth, providing the business with integrated insights that they couldn’t access before.

Data-Driven also implemented Azure Purview, for Data Governance purposes, to classify customer-sensitive data. This resulted in the deployment of data masking and retention policies within the Data Platform pipeline to fulfill financial industry compliance regulation requirements concerning customer PII data.

How can a client manage their cloud costs with the Data Foundation platform?

We have noticed that cloud spending is one of our clients’ top concerns, therefore, Data-Driven prioritizes cloud costs optimization and management, ensuring our customers don’t experience bill shock and the project stays within their budgetary requirements.

Data-Driven’s Data Foundation includes our Cloud Monitor solution, a cloud cost optimization and governance tool to ensure that our customers can take proactive steps to understand and keep cloud costs under control.

Rodney Joyce, Managing Director at Data-Driven said, “We built CloudMonitor to help our customers better utilize their resources across the public cloud, with the objective merge the gap between the bill payer and the developer to use the cloud services more efficiently and drive innovation inside the company, so they can make better use of their data to drive real business value.”

About Data-Driven:

Data-Driven is a Microsoft Gold and Databricks Partner providing Data and AI Consulting services.

We specialize in building modern data platforms and implementing advanced analytics projects. We deliver innovative data and AI solutions to help organizations build a data-driven culture that empowers their business decisions.

We aim to help businesses of all sizes to become data-driven, using Microsoft cloud technologies that help them get the most value out of their data.

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M: 0413 187 411

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