Data Strategy and Analytics Assessment

4 day Data Assessment and 1 day workshop with your team

We help you understand your data and create actionable insights

Leverage Data-Driven Azure experts and our tested methodology to help with you digital transformation

Data-Driven will deliver an Azure date and analytics assessment, along with a future data estate roadmap to modernise your digital processes to help you leverage your data assets to improve business value and performance.

How does our Data Stratagy and Analitycs Assessment work?

Current Data & Analytics State Assessment

Stage 1
  • Review of current data estate: data sources, APIs and consumption points
  • Review of reporting, analytics and manual processes
  • Acknowledge Governance Roles and Processes
  • Identify core business processes diagrams/structure

Analyse Business Goals & Design Target Data State

Stage 2
  • Whiteboarding your future desired state
  • Identify and prioritize business drivers and objectives
  • Prioritized list of Data Analytics opportunities
  • Team structure and skills & technical assessment – gap assessment for short-term and long-term plans

Final Recommendations and Next Steps

Stage 3
  • Detailed Report of your current data environment and processes
  • Highlight areas of concern and recommendation for best practices including cost governance, architecture and DevOps
  • High-level reference architecture
  • Skills Assessment Report
  • Actionable Implementation Plan – Roadmap to get to desired future state considering timeline and business priorities
  • Estimate for a Data Foundation PoC Implementation

The Benefits for your Business

Our proven methodologies are designed to audit your goals, review your current environment, and come back with tactical approach to achive them.

Become Data-Driven

Encourage a data-driven culture alighn with business goals and priorities

Internal Bussines Case

Build a compelling business case to justify further investment

Accelerate your Digital Journey

Accelerate your digital transformation journey and less time to market

Access to Business Insights

Access Business Insights and get competitive advantage over your competitors

Our Approach

1. Pre-Assessment

> Provide list and access to all data sources

> Examples of the reports and list of visualisation tools used

> High-level organisations data chart

2. During the Assessment

We will work with your team to undertand the processes, the best use the data and how to provide business value.

Workshops with your team are capped to 1 day. 

3. Assessment Oucome

We will provide a detailed report with a strategic roadmap for your data and analytics startegy

 $8,250 plus GST

  • Offer is valid for PaaS Azure resources only
  • Offer is valid for a single Azure subsciption and all Resource Groups within
  • We do not make any changes to your environment nor implement any of our recommendations, unless requested
  • Note: Price is in AUD and based on a typical environment. The actual cost and effort required may vary depending on complexity of the environment and the client needs.

Frequent Asked Questions

Our core solutions use best-of-breed technology to give you huge scale, security and availability so you can focus on your business.

No, we can also work with your company to assess your data assets wherever they are (on-prem, cloud, etc) and create a strategic roadmap for your future desired state.

Our consultants take approximately one week to finalise the assessment and report, however this may vary depending on the complexity of your environment.

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